The Ultimate Gift - the Flowering of the Heart

By Lisa & Pasquo Cassetta; an edited version appeared in the
Adelaide Inner Self Nov-Jan 2006/07 Issue 13

Sri Bhagavan MukteswaraWe could not have imagined as we were being driven in a taxi through a remote part of rural India north of Chennai, on New Years Eve in 2002 that barely three and a half years later the secretary of the Pope would be taking the same journey to meet with the same person that we were about to meet; a man little known in the West at that time but rapidly becoming known as the founder and facilitator of what is shaping to be one of the most extraordinary developments in the known history of the spiritual life of this planet.

We were about to meet Sri Bhagavan Mukteswara. We had come to know through an international magazine article which reported on eof his 'miracles' – honey dripping from a photograph in California, USA. The magazine reported that the miracle was attributed to Sri Bhagavan Mukteswara and that this man was a ‘Master’. We were not exactly clear what this meant but at the time one of our friends here in Australia alerted us to the fact that a teaching disciple of this Master, who lived in the USA, Rani Bhagavad Dasa, (Raniji) was coming to Australia and there was an opportunity to arrange a workshop for her. We arranged this workshop and through this initial contact developed a close rapport with Raniji who invited us to meet Sri Bhagavan, an invitation that took us on that News Years Eve taxi ride one year later.

A gift through grace
On being ushered into the room to meet Sri Bhagavan the first impression was one of awe, so other -worldly, so extraordinary was his presence. The spontaneous impulse was to touch one’s heart. Yet the conversation was totally relaxed and familiar. Sri Bhagavan said to us that the elusive state which has been the goal of spiritual seekers through the ages, the state of oneness or enlightenment or communion with the divine could not be attained through effort alone (or through effort at all) and would eventually have to be given as a gift through grace. Having spent decades in practices, disciplines, reading and meditation one sensed the immediate truth in this. One year later in January 2004, we found ourselves among the first group of westerners sitting in the Oneness University campus near the rural village of Varadayapalem about to undergo the very first 21-day process for westerners designed to give this state of oneness.

What proceeded to unfold during that 21-day process was extraordinary, not remotely like anything we had witnessed or experienced before. Essentially, the process revolves around the receiving of ‘mukti deeksha’ or ‘oneness deeksha’. Deeksha in sanskrit means initiation or benediction. Mukti means liberation, or oneness with all life, the dissolution of the sense of separate self. The transfer of the energy of oneness deeksha begins a process of activation of one’s own ‘higher’ energy system. This begins a process of clearing the blockages, past impressions and perceptions of limitation that inhibit the experience and expression of our true nature as blissful, divine beings connected with, or one with, all life. This desired outcome is, of course, familiar to all spiritual seekers. What is different here in the gift that Sri Bhagavan and his wife Sri Padmavathi Amma in their joint divine mission are giving to the world is that the actual perception and true experience of the state is activated, not just the teaching or psychological idea of it.

As a result, the participants of that first 21-day process had experiences beyond anything imaginable. Both in the depth and power of the clearing process and in the heights of divine bliss and ecstasy reached, these experiences were extraordinary. There was a profound activation of energy. The actual experiences were unique for each individual, depending on who they were, their physical body, their psychological make-up, their history and conditioning and so on, but the life-transforming impact of the phenomenon was universal.

Whilst the intensity of experience subsided, the transformational change in us remained. This substantiated for us the fact that this was not merely a temporary, psychological change but a permanent, ‘structural’ transformation of the neuro-biological system that gives rise to human perception. The real ‘proof of the pudding ‘was in our return to our everyday lives back in Australia. We knew we were not the same people as before; gone self-consciousness, doubt and psychological fear; in place was a deep, immovable peace, inner natural strength and stillness, and a quiet joy underlying the daily experiences of life. This deep transformation is indeed proving to be permanent and not diminishing, in fact, strengthening all the time.

The flowering of the heart
This is the reality now available to all people. This is the extraordinary nature of the phenomenon. Whereas in the past these states or gifts, may have been bestowed on a precious few, Sri Amma Bhagavan’s plan, as the joint divine mission is referred to, is to bring the whole of humanity into this state of oneness within a remarkably short period of time. It is said that the cosmic window of opportunity exists between now and 2012, the great portal of spiritual transformation through which humanity is poised to enter. The impact of each individual realizing the state of oneness, which Sri Bhagavan calls ‘the flowering of the heart’, would establish collectively what Sri Bhagavan refers to as ‘heaven on earth’.

This is the plan envisioned by Sri Amma Bhagavan. Through the gift of Divine Grace, the state of oneness is being transferred to individuals around the world. Those who attend the 21-day process at Oneness University in India are empowered through divine grace to transfer the energy (Oneness Deeksha) to others. This transfer of the oneness deeksha energy begins the process of clearing past limitation and awakening our true nature, in essence, the ending of human suffering and the coming into our divine birthright of Unconditional Love or oneness. When the number of individuals experiencing this state of oneness reaches a critical mass of 0.001% of the world’s population, or 64,000 people, the state will be spontaneously acquired by the remainder of the population in an explosive awakening in human consciousness through the action of what Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has termed the ‘morphogenic field of consciousness of the species’.

Oneness TempleOneness Temple
This oneness process will be underpinned and supported energetically by the phenomenon of 8,000 people established in the oneness state, meditating in shifts around the clock at an energetic powerhouse known as the Oneness Temple or Shakti Stahl currently being built on the Oneness University campus in India. Built on a strategic earth-energy grid and to Vaastu principles (the ancient India art of form and placement), the divine energy generated through this focal point will radiate and affect all life on earth, helping to facilitate the spontaneous awakening.

Many reading this may be thinking that, as beautiful as it sounds, this is just too good to be true. Yes it does sound too good to be true. But we cannot dismiss the enormity of what has already taken place and continues to expand.

First, our own experience is that there has been a real, so far apparently permanent, beneficent change within us. Within us lies testimony that the ending of psychological suffering, the experience of deep, immovable peace and the spontaneous outpouring of causeless joy and unconditional love are all real and sustainable natural states.

Blessing givers
Secondly, this experience is being shared by countless thousands around the world. Since the first 21-day process, something in the order of 3,000 westerners from all over the world have completed the course. These 21-day graduates were known as ‘deeksha givers’, now known in the west as ‘blessing givers’, are empowered through the process to give oneness or mukti deeksha. Through this constantly growing number of blessing givers, the oneness blessing is being transferred to increasing numbers everywhere. In India the oneness deeksha phenomenon, as it is known there, is taking its own parallel course and the numbers of Indians receiving deeksha is inestimable. The testimony of those receiving the oneness deeksha or blessing is virtually unanimous; that one’s relationship with life and other people is positively and permanently enhanced; that there is greater peace, healing of relationships, greater depth of compassion and greater spontaneous joy. People also invariably report an initial clearing process, a clearing that spontaneously happens within them rather than something that they need to consciously do. According to Sri Bhagavan the divine energy is innately intelligent and knows what it has to do in each individual.

Thirdly, this world-wide oneness blessing is now being greatly accelerated through the agency of what are being called blessing givers conferences, combined with public programs conducted by Sri Anandagiriji, one of the principal directors of Oneness University in India and the principal facilitator of the oneness blessing process for westerners. The power of the response of both the blessing givers and the general public to these events is supporting belief in the possibility of the phenomenon spreading to the mass of humanity. People are experiencing unconditional love on a massive scale. The conferences have so far been held in Los Angeles, Milan, Stockholm, Moscow and Tokyo and soon to be held in Mexico City and Buenes Aries with Adelaide’s turn in January 2007. These conferences will continue to be held around the world between now and 2012 with their potency and the numbers in attendance increasing year by year.

World leaders
Fourthly, this world-wide phenomenon is attracting the attention and involvement of individuals from every strata of society and every continent. From Sri Anandagiriji’s contact with officials from the Vatican during his Italian tour, the secretary of The Pope made the journey to Oneness University in India. A prominent world leader of the Muslin faith has made the same journey creating quite a stir in the Islamic community around the world. Christian charismatic leaders have attended and undergone the 21-day process. Indian spiritual leaders such as Sri Sri Ravi Shanker have been to offer their co-operation and alliance to the cause. Royalty from several countries (Germany, Austria, Egypt) have undertaken the 21-day process at the Oneness University as have a number of world-famous movie stars and entertainers. Some of the world’s leading personal development authors and presenters have taken the course. Government ministers and state governors in India are regularly seen in attendance at the University. The Governor of Mexico and his entire family have received the oneness blessing along with practically the entire public service of Mexico. Scientists, health practitioners and therapists, of every persuasion, leaders of meditation movements world-wide are regularly passing through the 21-day process along with individuals from more and more countries and every walk of life. The Dalai Lama will be visiting the University in May 2007 and in 2008 a special conference will see major world political and religious figures in attendence. A special program with the indigenous people of the world is conducted at the University where indigenous elders from every continent carry healing and oneness back to their respective people around the world. There are programs to help the rural poor of India ‘village by village’.The phenomenon continues to grow. The world family continues to come together.

Can the world family experience oneness on a mass scale by the year 2012? As unbelievable as it sounds, the current indications are that it is entirely possible. It is possible that we will see the ending of suffering and the establishment of ‘heaven on earth’, not only in our lifetime, but very, very soon. It is possible for human beings to be truly happy. It is entirely possible that this is not simply yet another spiritual movement arising in distinction to the multiplicity of spiritual endeavour currently manifest in the world, but a true merging and coming together, an underpinning and empowering of each and every strand of spiritual outpouring already taking place.

Oneness University Conference - ItalyThe Ultimate Gift
The aim of this plan is not to change or re-package any other spiritual group’s activity but to help bring it into its own natural fulfilment. Could it be that the spiritual quest of the ages, is being delivered through grace as a gift from the divine? It has been said that the house is on fire in terms of saving our planet. Time for strategies has run out. The time for divine grace is at hand. On the 19th of July 1989, the seed of this movement was laid in a simple but momentous event that has been called ‘the descent of the golden ball of divine grace’. A small child attending Sri Bhagavan’s school spontaneously received the gift of oneness or enlightenment through the descent of a golden ball of divine energy. Golden balls of light are appearing on photographs around the world as if symbolically announcing the coming of the new golden age. Grace is flowing. The Ultimate Gift is being given.