Took place in Melbourne & Sydney

14TH & 15TH APRIL 2018

Happy Melbourne participants


Happy Sydney participants



The 2-day life-transforming seminar

via a live feed direct from India


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Hello, Lisa here. I have recently spent 4 days in the Field of Abundance program with Preethaji and I can share with you that my life is so transformed on so many levels. I want this Divine Blessing and Gift for everyone.

My heart has opened more to a feeling and experience of love. Fears that were creating separation now seem to have just melted away. The most potent new experience is the experience of being alive. It feels so incredible, so exquisite. I experienced in the processes the deeper meaning and importance of CONNECTEDNESS and that this is the key to all relationship with self, others and life. I have been healed and opened to the Presence of Joy that is right here right now. Preethaji said to us that we are warriors. I feel this is the quality that ever deepens in us all as we align more and more with the truth of our being. This is what gives us the power, strength, love and connection to meet life.

I personally feel so much Grace and Miracles happens in the LIMITLESS FIELD meditation process. It is so powerful. And this process is part of the SOURCE & SYNCHRONICITIES program. You will experience it. And you will experience so much more. I would truly recommend that you make every effort and take the time to give this gift of the SOURCE & SYNCHRONICITIES weekend to yourself. 


What is in this course?

Source & Synchronicities

   This is a blessed life.
              The Source and Synchronicities is a powerful course that will
               open you to a magical life of synchronicities

            What are synchronicities?
            Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicities
          are beautiful, favorable and harmonious occurrences that
         happen in alignment with your intention. It feels as if this
      randomly moving universe is arranging itself in patterns in response
    to your heart’s longing and bringing together beautiful people and situations to support you.
 When you experience 1 magical event you call it chance or coincidence. When 2 of these happen you say you got lucky. When they happen for a period of time you say fortune has favored you.
When they happen every day and happen with incredible frequency, we say you have entered a magical life of synchronicities.

Enter a Life of Synchronicities

. At the ‘Source and Synchronicities’, you will experience an ultimate fusion of the Power of the Source and the Power of Consciousness.
.The Source has been addressed by numerous names through time - as the divine, a sacred presence, cosmic consciousness or as universal intelligence. In this course, you will lock into the Source to access Limitless Power
.Consciousness is the very ground of all existence. It is the fundamental essence of all that is. In this course you will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities through awakening to the Power of Consciousness.
.You will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities directly from Preethaji - the Chief Mentor of O&O Academy.
.You will master the 3 important zones of synchronicity – healing zone to experience physical heath and rejuvenation, love zone to attract and sustain love, power zone to create and enjoy abundance.
.You will be empowered with a transcendental practice to create synchronicities.


"I can tell you dear family that it is AMAAAZINGGG. It is profound, simple, clear AND POWERFUL. Understanding more deep the way we have to go!! We should not lose this opportunity. It is beyond anything experienced before!! It is new, fresh. Sri Bhagavan was sooo loving and powerful!! Although we could have eyes open, people close their eyes with smiles and tears. Sri Preethaji was amazingly tender and deep. Kumarji and Romaji are outstanding ...So many people in each venue and much more Transformation to the world!!!"
- Solange Gerona from Uruguay attending the program in Spain.

"This course is TRULY AMAZING - this will be a Huge Hit World Over!! Thank you sooo much Phenomenon, Amma Bhagavan, Krishnaji, Preethaji and All Guides. Thank you for this!!"
- Anette Carlstrom, Sweden



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What people around the world are saying about Oneness...

"We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of 'Oneness', which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be integrated with all in our relationships." HUGH JACKMAN ACTOR, PRODUCER & MUSICIAN-AUSTRALIA


"Oneness gives us life's ultimate gift, an opportunity for deeper and richer relationships, with those we love, our creator, and even ourselves. I have shared this with many of my platinum members.” TONY & SAGE ROBBINS

Tony and Sage Robbins


"The Oneness experience is a powerful catalyst to open to your personal relationship to the Divine - whatever that means for you. The consistent joy and ease it brings to your life is exciting and inspiring." MARIEL HEMMINGWAY - Actress, Activist - USA

Mariel Hemingway


The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb
Lisa and Pasquo explore a spiritual movement sweeping the world

A spiritual phenomenon known as The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb of Divine Grace is sweeping the world. It is here to awaken people to the ultimate light and truth within. Appearing to people around the world physically and in photographs as an orb of golden light, it manifests inwardly as a higher intelligence and a force of awakening and personal transformation within the lives of individuals everywhere.  Inner transformation is brought about by changing the 10 sub-conscious programs that run an individual’s life. The 10 programs are the energetic processes that lay the track for our perception of life – they are our sub-conscious geography that forms the landscape of our life experience. They manifest as our responses to life situations, the choices and decisions which we make on a daily basis, the opportunities which we create that determine our quality of life at every level. These patterns of response are imprinted at a sub-conscious level and are very difficult to escape at a conscious level. Doubtless, we need the help of the higher creative intelligence to make significant progress on this path of realignment which is the path of awakening and transformation.

Our sub-conscious programs are changed by opening to higher or ‘awakening’ experiences which The Phenomenon (the creative intelligeance) forges. These higher experiences never leave us as they found us. They de-energise or outright jettison the old-outworn programs that no longer serve us and lay down new ones that do, all in accordance with our consciously articulated intent for our life. New neuro-biological pathways enable a renewed perception of life - not an ideological shift but a perceptual one. We actually see life differently. Many describe this new vision of life as lighter, brighter and more enjoyable. Fears and anxieties and self-doubts drop away.  Relationships flower. Everything appears more beautiful. Life flows. Creativity comes. Engaging with life and its challenges becomes fun. Many say they 'fall in love with life' all over again. Fulfilment firms from dream to reality.

The higher experiences are triggered by an activation of the higher energy in the human being. In yoga terms we know this higher energy as the Kundalini. This transcendent energy gives rise to transcendental experience, transforming our relationship to every aspect of our life. In essence, this is the goal of all spiritual practice. In our time, the activation is a Gift of the Divine, of the Phenomenon - not something we can effectively drive from our own volition. It is a benediction given by the innate Higher Intelligence.

How to access the Gift? There are many avenues that we could utilise. However, because of the urgency of the hour in terms of our planetary evolution, the Phenomenon has come to fast track the giving.  In our experience, one of the highest potencies for transformation available at present is through an energy centre, a vortex, in southern India through which the Phenomenon anchors its potent force. This centre near Chennai is at the confluence of powerful earth energy grids. At the centre stands a structure known as the Oneness Temple. This extraordinary structure is built in accordance with Vaastu (sacred geometrical) principles accentuating the energy vortex. It forms the centrepiece of Oneness University, a university of consciousness established in the early 1990s. From this powerhouse the Phenomenon radiates its beneficent energetic influence to all parts of the world. 

Until now people needed to attend courses at Oneness University to experience the full potency of The Phenomenon. However, within the last 18 months, the Process has come to the people all over the world. In the form of a weekend course known as ‘The Phenomenon and the Gift’ (P&G) conducted by the guides (teachers) of Oneness University, The Phenomenon is beaming from the Oneness Temple across the globe.

Since its inception in November 2015, over 30,000 people across all continents have attended the P&G program. Oneness University hopes to more than double this global participation in 2017. In our part of the world the program has so far been held in Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Cairns in Australia and Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. Now it is Adelaide's turne on 26th and 27th August.

As humanity awakens, the planet awakens, enriching and evolving human life and easing Mother Earth from the many perils and challenges faced. The Light and Love of the Creative Intelligence is ready to give us what we want and what we need in order to live beautiful lives - to transcend challenges and flourish in every way. We sense that humanity is ready to create a new golden age of light, love and right human relationship? It is but the conditioned mind, in its many set patterns, that delays delivery of such a gift? The new consciousness is flowering, ready to express itself fully in our life. The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb has come to help us remove the obstacles and gift us the awakening which is our divine birthright. May everyone everywhere be quickly blessed with this gift.

Lisa and Pasquo Cassetta
Oneness Australia


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What past participants have shared about this course:
"When the email came in about the (P&G) weekend I knew that was it…The biggest miracle is that the anxiety that was plaguing me has completely gone! I feel free like I have never felt before! Any fear, loneliness, feelings of overwhelm at the state the world is in have gone. Instead I feel centred, connected. I feel a deep silent reassuring peace. I feel so much love in my heart, happiness in life. When I have moments of disconnect, it’s okay for they are so temporary. I feel optimism where before I would feel overwhelmed.
I do a lot of activist work for environment and animal rights and it would get me down so much. I would feel that we were fighting a losing battle. I felt panic for my son and future generations. Now I believe we can turn it around. I believe consciousness is rising and we are becoming more connected with each other. I see every small action that I take and I have hope. Whereas before I felt defeated, that it was all futile. What difference could I ever make?
Now I feel the determination of a warrior that never gives up. I feel my divine in nature. I am a surfer and one of the biggest miracles for me is being in the water and catching waves. My love for our environment and its’ creatures know no bounds. Since the weekend I feel I have literally had ‘conversation’ with my divine through wildlife especially. At the weekend I asked the Golden orb to always come surfing with me. Since then I have experienced dolphins come so close and surf the waves around me. One even flipped on its side, showing its belly as it surfed past, as if to raise its flipper in a ‘hello’. The love and joy that gave me is indescribable. There have been schools of fish around my surfboard or in the waves in front of me. Birds flying so close to my head I can feel and hear the air move with their wings. These are miracles!
This is a connectedness I thought I had before but it is has become so much deeper. It feels almost tangible at times and so much more constant!
I would like to express my deepest gratitude and love for your having created this immense opportunity of the weekend. May the light of all that were present spread far and wide! Namaste" -  Ariane de Geus, Sydney
“The strength of love & compassion flowing from India enabled us to easily access and release deep emotions & hurts. The resulting feeling of freedom was palpable. I have never seen so much collective joy and happiness expressed as at the weekend’s end.” -  Aarn Tate, Christchurch









This program supports humanity's transition into a new golden age. At such times throughout history great spiritual teachers and avatars have come to help humanity make the transition. Our time is no different and The Phenomenon of The Golden Orb – a transformational energy/consciousness – has manifested and is working through the agencies of Oneness University, to help bring about the awakening and transformation of individuals and through individuals of humanity as a whole.

The Academy refers to The Phenomenon as The Golden Orb. In the west we may refer to the Christ Consciousness or Divine Consciousness or Divine Intelligence or any other name which we prefer. But by whichever name it is known, The Phenomenon has the effect of transforming our neurobiological system so that we actually perceive life differently, i.e. we perceive life more as it truly is as opposed to filtering life’s experiences through our mental concepts and conditioning. This is an experiential transformation, not merely an ideological or philosophical change. The Phenomenon prepares participants in the program to attract ‘Synchronicities’ in one's life.

The program is suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. In fact it serves as the entry level experience to the world of Oneness. All you need is the genuine desire to experience life more deeply, more beautifully and more powerfully and to grow and expand in consciousness.

We look forward to sharing this life-transforming event with you where you will receive the life gifts and grace normally only available by attending the programs at Oneness University India.

See above for upcoming programs


Sacred Chamber Process

A process where participants experience sacred chambers in sequence leading to
healing on multiple levels, setting right of relationships and a deeper connection to their Divine .
The Sacred Chamber Process is facilitated by Oneness Trainers who have been specially selected and trained at Oneness University for the process. The process is free to participants and open to everyone whether or not they have experienced any previous Oneness courses or processes. The sessions are conducted in pre-booked groups. 
See the webpage menu for the list of Australia-wide facilitators whom you can contact by email and book a place for the process
For Lisa and Pasquo's chambers in Adelaide
Booking/Enquiries: Lisa & Pasquo: 0410 643 083
Free of charge - by prior appointment only
(An approx. half-day process)
Everyone is welcome to make a booking or enquiry

Programs at Oneness University India
To view the currently available programs at Oneness University India go to:

An Inner Journey Leading to Outer Abundance



A radically life transforming and magical journey into Abundance, Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness.

The Journey Courses, a spiritual offering like never before, are a unique coming together of the Power of Source with the Power of One Consciousness.

These remarkable courses consist of 4 attainments:

  1. You awaken to wealth consciousness and become a Conscious Creator, manifesting synchronicities, creating wealth and enjoying every aspect of abundance.
  2. You become a Change Maker, transforming your relationships and manifesting great leadership. Your presence acquires the power to heal and transform the lives of others and you impact the web of life.
  3. You become a Mystic. Transcending suffering you see through the illusion of separation.
  4. You become a Philosopher Teacher established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with wisdom and living in One Consciousness, you become a guiding light for the world.

Each of these attainments consists of two levels/courses: progressive and advanced.

Special Features of this 8-Level Journey:

  • You will lock into the Source or the Divine and experience immeasurable blessings and bounty.
  • You will awaken to the unlimited potential of consciousness and experience transformative states of being.
  • Your journey will culminate in the most profound experience of Oneness: a pinnacle state of spiritual evolution.
  • As you get established in the state of Oneness, impossibilities become realities, you move from existence to living and life overflows with abundance.
  • You will meditate and receive Deeksha from the Golden Orb at the sacred Oneness Field. This initiates a neurobiological shift to transcend lower states of ‘i-consciousness’ into higher states of ‘One Consciousness’.
  • You will receive the gift of direct interactions and sacred meditations with the founders of O&O Academy.

Teachers: Guided by Krishnaji and Preethaji, co-founders and chief mentors of O&O Academy, The Journey Courses are taught by the faculty members who live a life of dedication and service to humanity.


Upcoming Courses

Process Dates (2017 – 2018) Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
January 3rd to 13th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
February 1st to 11th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
March 1st to 11th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Advanced Level
March 12th to 22nd 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
April 5th to 15th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
May 31st to June 10th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
July 5th to 15th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
July 31st to August 10th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Advanced Level
August 11th to 21st 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Transformation
Change Maker-Progressive Level
August 22nd to September 1st 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
September 6th to 16th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
September 29th to October 9th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Progressive Level
November 1st to 11th 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Abundance
Conscious Creator-Advanced Level
November 12th to 22nd 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Transformation
Change Maker-Progressive Level
November 22nd to December 2nd 2018 Details & Registration
Journey into Transformation
Change Maker-Advanced Level
December 3rd to 13th 2018 Details & Registration
Campus Guidelines and Travel Information * All course dates include arrival and departure days. *Courses must be taken in consecutive order, starting with Journey Into Abundance conscious creator progressive level.













If you would like more information about these courses go to:
If you would like to take part, please contact Lisa and Pasquo at: for more details.
Oneness Partners Course (OPC) Journey into Freedom
If you would like to take part, please contact Lisa and Pasquo at: for more details.