What is Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing as given under the auspices of O&O Academy is a transfer of energy that leads to a neural-biological restructuring in the human organism eventually dissolving of the sense of separation from the rest of life. This is not merely a psychological process but a change in perception.

This is the key to ending human suffering and to the establishing on earth of true and lasting peace and harmony not only between human and human but also between humanity and nature.

What people normally experience through the oneness blessing process:

  • a clearing of negative life programming
  • release of past traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels
  • the facility for deep emotional and physical healing

It is a truism that there is no one definable state that can be called enlightenment but only facets of personal experience manifesting as:

  • profound inner stillness
  • clarity and balance of mind and emotions
  • personal confidence and equanimity
  • harmony in relationships
  • absence of suffering through attachment
  • the experience of causeless joy and unconditional love
  • the experience of oneness with all life

Thousands all over the world are beginning to live in these profound states once thought of as the privileged domain of but a few saints and sages, and then only achievable after aeons of discipline and practice. Now, in divine compassion, it is being given as a gift to all people through grace.

Once initiated within the individual, the transition is directed by one’s own divine inner intelligence or higher sacred self working in a balanced and integrated way without interruption to the basic functionality and flow of one’s personal life and its activities. The ancient adage sits well: “Before enlightenment chop the wood and carry water; after enlightenment chop the wood and carry water.”

To receive the oneness blessing in your area, you may seek out one of the oneness facilitators listed on this website under Oneness Events in your state.

For those who would like to take it further and help the world by facilitating this process in others and become a Oneness Blessing Giver,  seek out a Oneness Trainer in your area and attend a 2-day Oneness Awakening program and become initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver. For name/s of Oneness Trainers in your area write to info@onenesscentre.com.au stating your place of residence.