Sacred Chamber Process
Australian Facilitators

The Sacred Chamber Process is an opportunity to connect more deeply with your Higher Sacred Self. It is facilitated by Oneness Trainers who have been specially selected and trained at Oneness University for the process. Usually of several hours duration, the process is non-sectarian and involves reflection, relaxation, meditation and being immersed in the connection with your Higher Sacred Self. It is free to participants and open to everyone whether or not they have experienced any previous Oneness courses or processes. The sessions are conducted in pre-booked groups. Here is the list of Australian facilitators whom you can contact by email and book a place for the process:

QLD: Gold Coast 
Janet and Bob Thomas / email:
SA: Adelaide
Lisa and Pasquo Cassetta / email:
VIC: Melbourne
Brandon and Rochelle / email:
David Gounder / email:
Janine Michael and Peter Fischer / email: